Morten Nielsen, Chief Exective Officer
Executive Management.
Been with Medicom since 2011 and previously with PA Consulting Group, Lawson/Intentia, Olicom, DGM/DS and S&W Medico Teknik.

Søren Vestergård Jacobsen, Executive Vice President
Technology & Development 
Been with Medicom since 2000 and previously with Motorola, Medtronic, Dantec and Bang & Olufsen.

Claus Bjerg, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Finance & Business Support 
Been with Medicom since 2010 and previously with OMX, Copenhagen Stock Exchange, Responsor and IBM.

Kevin Deane, Executive Vice President
Front-End Innovation 
Been with Medicom since 2017 and previously with PA Consulting Group, Ingersoll and General Motors.

Johnny Hansen, Director, Quality and Regulatory
Quality and Regulatory 

Gitte Holmgaard Dale, Manager, Production Delivery
Production & Sourcing 
Been with Medicom since 2007 and previously with Daletec, Vald. Birn and Sanita Footwear

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