The global Healthcare systems are under pressure and the future healthcare models will have an increased focus on improving outcomes and thus a pressure to “manage for results”. This will require a radical paradigm shift in the way that all stakeholders will act, react and interact

Therefore, the idea of having a standard or off-the-shelf solution that can make a “quick-fix” across all therapies is unrealistic and driven by “yesterday’s thinking”.

At Medicom we believe that advanced devices and connected services will pave the way for outcome based healthcare models – dictating specific solutions for specific diseases and therapies.

At Medicom we have the ambition to become the preferred innovation partner for customers that have the strategic intent to look for holistic solutions to improving outcome for their therapies.

 Business Focus1

We invest in technologies, competencies and processes to make sure we can live up to our ambition in the area of drug delivery devices and connected services – creating the foundation for Connected Health model.


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